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About Elite Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Port Washington, NY

Meet Julian Secu

Owner and Chief Instructor at
Elite Martial Arts & Kickboxing in Port Washington
3rd Degree Black Belt

Who We Are, and What We Stand For.

In Shotokan Karate, there are 5 dojo kun, or rules of the school:

1. To Seek Perfection of Character

2. To Be Sincere and Honest

3. To Show Strong Spirit

4. To Practice Courtesy

5. To Control bad Temper.

These guidelines present the goals for martial artists, both inside and outside to Dojo. At Elite Martial Arts, we make it our mission to uphold these goals, spread them to others, and help others on their journey to achieving them.

We specialize in Martial Arts for all ages and Kickboxing, usually for adults. We have a range of programs to appeal to whatever your needs are, whether they’re gaining focus and discipline or just finding a way to exercise in a supportive, fun environment.

It's our goal to ensure that you and every one of our students enjoys coming to the school and looks forward to participating while learning valuable skills like confidence and self-defense. We push our students to strive to be the best they can, both in the dojo and at home and school.

We take pride in our familial, clean, and safe environment. This allows our students to benefit to the best of their ability in a comfortable manner. While our programs are serious, they are also fun so that students can learn the importance of discipline while earnestly enjoying their classes. We have a fully trained and qualified staff to ensure that all our students receive the best instruction they can. It is our goal to serve the community in providing the myriad of skills to be learned in martial arts, skills which can not only be applied to self-defense, but also to school and the real world.

About Owner & Chief Instructor Julian Secu.

Julian Secu is the owner and chief instructor of Elite Martial Arts in Port Washington, NY. He started practicing martial arts in 1993 in Romania under Master Aurel Patru .

He was selected for the Romanian National Team when he successfully competed at the national and international levels. He was rewarded the merit master of sport, the highest distinction that a Romanian athlete can receive. After he moved to the United States, he continued training and competing under highly accomplished martial artists like Gustavo Larrea (Karate Shotokan), Paul Vizzio (kickboxing), and Rhon Mizrachi.

Julian is a third degree black belt, has a degree in physical education, and is a graduate of the instructor program from Traditional Karate America .

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